Where I Come From

Welcome to my first 'Where I Come From' link up. I am so happy you are stopping by, and for those of you linking up I can't wait to go on a virtual vacation with you. I had high hopes to wow you all with amazing photos of our town, but the days and days of rain that we have been getting have kept us indoors a lot. 

Mark, Amelia and I live in Oregon City, Oregon. A little snippet of history; Oregon City was the first incorporated city west of the Rocky Mountains. As of 2010 Oregon City's population was 31,859. 
From Oregon City we can either go West to the coast, East to the mountains or take a 15-20 minute drive into Portland. I think we are in the perfect location. 

We live in the Historic District of Oregon City and it is filled with beautiful historic homes, trolley tours, parks, brick buildings, old churches, cafes and an adorable downtown area. 

This is one of my absolute favorite things about our neighborhood. This elevator is the ONLY outdoor municipal elevator in the United States, and only one of four in the world... and it's two blocks from our house. We often hop on the elevator to visit the cute downtown shops, grab some amazing cupcakes, eat at one of the awesome restaurants, go to the farmer's market or just walk around. 
view from the bottom
view from the top
Inside the elevator it is lined with windows so you can get a complete view of downtown.
From the top of the elevator we have a pretty awesome promenade that we walk regularly when the weather is decent. The pathway has a green space and historic homes on one side and a view over the cliff to downtown on the other side. Oregon City sits right on the Willamette River, so the views (and sunsets) are amazing.

You can also see the Willamette Falls just a few blocks from our house. 

During the warmer months Oregon City runs a cute little trolley around town. It's free to everyone and they give you a little history lesson while you ride. It's a lot of fun.

If you watch Grimm, which I have to admit I've never seen, then you know it is filmed in Oregon. Well, they have actually filmed in Oregon City a few times. When they come to town they are often in our neighborhood. I can actually see the church they filmed at out my front window... and this is a picture of the night they were filming. It was too cold to stick around though.

And in an effort to keep this post from being insanely long I will share one last photo with you. This is one of Amelia's favorite spots in Oregon City. During the holidays they light it up in green and red. 

Where I Come From

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  1. You live in a beautiful place! That elevator is awesome... and I'm a huge fan of Grimm!

    1. Thank you. We really like it here. I guess Oregon was the #1 place that people were moving to in 2013. The elevator is great. The alternative is walking hundreds of stairs to get to downtown and my out of shape butt and my daughter's tiny legs just don't like that :) We use it all the time. I really need to start watching Grimm. I hear great things about it.

  2. Looks like you have some gorgeous scenery!!!!!

    1. I keep telling Mark I want to move to Mass. and live in some cute little cape cod town, but I'm pretty sure I would miss Oregon greatly. We are lucky to have it all... the coast, mountains and some dry desert areas.

    2. You could live in Bay City, OR! Cute little town, plus the Tillamook Ice Cream factory is super close by! We should go sometime!! :)