Swings, Slides, Scarves and Hot Cocoa

We had another wonderful day today. Amelia and I once again slept until 10 o'clock. We lounged about for a couple of hours before getting ready to head out and do something. The sun was out and the weather wasn't as cold as yesterday, but that being said it was still quite chilly. We bundled up and decided to walk around town. We have been cooped up indoors a lot lately and I think we both needed the fresh air.
This cat puts up with so much stuff!!! and yet he keeps coming back for more love
We started out at one of the parks by our house. I made some little girl infinity scarves that I need to post on my Etsy shop, so of course I needed to snap some photos of my little model wearing them.
She cracks me up

Always with the funny faces

After we played at the park for a little while we hopped on the elevator and walked around downtown Oregon City. Amelia was hoping that her favorite cupcake shop would be open, but unfortunately they are closed on Sundays. We had fun wandering around and stopping in random shops. 
This is seriously one of my favorite pictures! Love it!

We decided to hop back on the elevator and go up to the cafe that is two blocks from our house. I wanted to get Amelia a hot chocolate to warm her up. Singer Hill Cafe is awesome! We love that place. Great food and such a cool atmosphere. 
One of the walls in the cafe
Her poor lips are so chapped from the cold weather

After we warmed up we decided to brave the cold a bit more and go to another park near our house. 

We had an AWESOME weekend! I need more weekends like this one! 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Cute scarves!! Amelia makes a great model. Love your new header too!! Great way to start out the New Year :)