Bookfest in Bed with Amelia

Amelia LOVES books. We try to read as often as possible before bed but lately we have been too tired and getting to bed too late. Last night I unplugged at 8 o'clock and her and I spent over an hour snuggled in my bed reading books. So, I thought I'd share a few of our favorites that often make our reading list for Bookfest in Bed.
An Amelia Bedelia Celebration - For those of you who grew up reading Amelia Bedelia, this book is great. It has four stories in one and they are all quite funny. I actually call my Amelia 'Amelia Bedelia' from time to time so she thinks it's hilarious that there are books with an Amelia in them. I thought the jokes might be too old for my four year old, but she actually gets most of them... and if she doesn't it's a good reason to pause and explain it to her. This book finds its way into our rotation from time to time and we always have a good laugh. 
Sleepy Squirrel - This book was my favorite when I was little. Sleepy Squirrel is a super cute story about the bedtime routine of a squirrel named 'Little Maple'. Amelia and I read this almost every night and thankfully I kept my copy because tracking this book down is nearly impossible (you can buy it used on Amazon for $35-$115)
I Love You Mommy - This book is another that we read regularly, and actually I'm the only one who reads this one to her... it's our special book. This book is really cute. It's about a little bear who wants to head out on adventures, but because he doesn't listen to his mommy things don't go as he had planned. The end melts my heart and I just love love love to read this one to her. 
Where's Spot - This book has a super special place in my heart because it was the first book that Amelia read to me. Yep, that girl can read this entire thing to me and I just love it. It's a cute book with little flaps you can lift to try and find Spot. We have a couple of other Spot books but we haven't read those yet. 
Snowflakes - This book is seriously the most gorgeous book EVER! I saw it in Barnes & Noble around Christmastime and my mom got it for Amelia as a gift. It is so awesome! The detail in the snowflake pop ups is incredible. I can't say enough about this book. I actually don't even let Amelia look at this book alone because it is so intricate and I don't want it getting ruined at all. I recommend this to anyone who loves snowflakes and/or pop-up books. 
Cookie's Week - Amelia loves this funny book about a naughty cat that gets into all sorts of trouble. I'm pretty sure she would love any book with a cat in it, but this one really makes her laugh.
What are some of your favorite children's books? 
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Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Amelia Bedelia is a classic. My students always loved the trouble she got herself in. I've not heard of Cookie's week but I think it would be a hit at my house. Olive is enjoying Eric Carle books right now and any books that have touch and feel sections.