High Five For Friday

I am so excited that the weekend is here. We are supposed to have beautiful weather and I am in desperate need of some Mama/Amelia time. Mark works this weekend so her and I will be doing some fun things together. We have to head into Portland to get her a new leotard and new ballet shoes so I think we will explore some parks and maybe grab lunch downtown. She starts a new term of ballet next week and she is moving up a level. She is so excited, but a little nervous at the same time. Here is a recap of our week. Also, I had intended to start my 'Where I Come From' link up around Christmas time, but with the holidays and the sickness I postponed it. Look for that post this next week.

1. We rang in the New Year at our house this year. We usually spend NYE with my Grandma, but with everyone sick we decided to stay home. My sister Grace and her fiance Chris came over. We ate tons of snacks, played some games, watched New Year's Eve and lit off fireworks... illegals of course. I just love this picture of Amelia smoochin' her Auntie Grace for the new year.

2. We spent New Year's Day in Hood River. Unfortunately we didn't realize the shops would all be closed for the holiday, but we had a fun day regardless. I love going to Hood River. We try to make a few trips or more over there each year.

3. Since we finally left the house after our week of sickness, I had a reason to wear my new perfume. My sister Erica got me this for Christmas and it smells AMAZING! Seriously! If you haven't given your nose the gift of smelling Jo Malone I suggest you head to the Jo Malone counter at Nordstrom right now.

4. Amelia helped us grocery shop. After we hit up Trader Joe's we took her to Target to spend her gift card. She's growing up so fast.

5. This guy is becoming a permanent fixture on my lap. I think he got spoiled this past week with us being sick. I was always sitting or laying down and now he expects us to just hold him.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Bahahahaha... the looks on cats faces always cracks me up. He looks so distinguished!
    Jealous of the nice weather you're expecting... we're supposed to get 11 inches of snow this weekend - YUCK!

    1. He is seriously treated like a king... except when she's carrying him around by his head. I would gladly take your snow. We had tons of sun this weekend, but it was incredibly cold. It was still nice to get out after being sick and cooped up on the house.