A Valentine Craft

Amelia and I love crafting. I'm pretty sure everyone knows this. I love thinking up projects that are really hands on for her. Our crafting time is so special to me and I love all of the giggles we have and the memories we create. I have been trying to come up with a piece of art that we could display in our living room during the month of February. I finally came up with this project and it is exactly what I was looking for.

canvas (any size you want will do)
pink paint
red paint
sponge paint brush

I had Amelia paint the entire canvas pink and then we let it sit and dry for a day. To create the hearts we dipped her finger in the red paint and set it down twice for each heart. This craft project was so much fun. I love how each heart is a little different from one another, all based on how she put her finger down. I will definitely cherish this piece of art for many many years. 

She was proud to hang her artwork up on the wall
 photo mintcoralsignature_zpsef9bf100.png
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Love this art!! It turned out great!! Good work :)

  2. This turned out SO cute! And I love how proud she is! :D

  3. I know what I"m going to make for my Husband! Beautiful easy to do idea.