High Five For Friday

It was hard to wake up early Monday morning after such an awesome weekend. Mark had to work last weekend so Amelia and I got some good Mommy/Daughter time. This week went by fairly fast and was overall good, but I have to admit... I'm glad it's Friday. Apparently I like being busy/stressed because on top of watching littles 10-11 hours/day (5 days per week), I'm also trying to update my blog appearance (slowly but surely), make stuff for my Etsy shops (check them out on the page above) and take an online class through the community college here in town. My first assignment is due Sunday, and while part of it is done... the rain we have been getting non-stop has prevented me from getting the other part done. This weekend I will be the girl traipsing around Portland with a giant umbrella and camera, snappin' photos. 
So... enough of that and on to a recap of our week. 
 1. Have I ever mentioned on here how awesome my kiddo is? I mean seriously! That girl has a heart of gold and is just the sweetest little thing. The other night we were getting ready for bed and I mentioned to Mark that I would have to get up early to clean up the living room. I was just too tired to get it done that night. So while I was in our craft room finishing up the last of a project, Amelia cleaned the living room without being asked. Makes a mommy proud.

 2. Amelia drew this awesome frog picture for me this week. I LOVE it and can't wait to share with you all a project I'm working on to display her artwork.

 3. Amelia and I gave one another pedicures and manicures this week. It was so fun. I made her a banana/strawberry/mango smoothie to enjoy while she soaked her feet. I painted her toes and then she painted my fingers.

 4. The little lady bumped up this term to join the 5/6 year old dancers. She was quite excited because she is 'still only just four'. I told her that since she was almost 5 and she had been dancing for over a year now her instructor said she was good to go. So goodbye purple leotard and hello mint green.

5. So those of you that know us well know that Amelia has basically been sleeping with me since she was born. There were times that she slept in her crib and times when she slept in her bed, but more often than not she sleeps with me. Don't judge! It was a combination of events to lead us to do this (night terrors, husbands hitting snooze a bazillion times at 3am and waking the whole house up etc.)... I will share all of that in a later post. I sat down with her last week and had the talk. I told her that since she was almost 5 and would be going to school this year she would need to start sleeping in her own bed. She of course gave me her cute puppy dog eyes and said 'but I'm scared to sleep without my mommy'. So one night after she had fallen asleep in our bed I had Mark move her. She slept all night in her own bed and was a little annoyed when she woke up that she had been moved. I just pointed out to her that she slept in there all night and nothing bad happened. She was as safe as could be. So... she's been in there ever since. It was as easy as that. 
And that's about all I have to say in regards to our week. Remember to link up with me tomorrow for the first 'Where I Come From' link up. I know the weather is sort of nasty all over the place so if you are unable to get out and snap current photos... just share some you've already taken. It's been pouring here in Oregon for a week straight so I understand that crappy weather going on. Anything you want to share from your town/city/state is welcome. Restaurants you like, trips you've taken, sites to see, places around town. Whatever you fancy. I am so excited to see what people post. 
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  1. love the new blog design. My week was hectic, I'm a therapist by day so I had a full schedule of patients, I had to arrange my vacation in March (going to L.A for the first time to meet some other professionals in the makeup biz), One of my friends asked me to do the makeup for her cousins wedding this weekend which I agreed to before I found out our friend (a pilot) who moved to Dubai will be flying into town with his wife and kid, and my husband agreed to go to dinner with them. And I blog in the evenings, sometimes while I am eating dinner, answering business emails etc. I don't have kids yet but I am trying to arrange my work schedule with my colleague so that I can travel to Europe this May if all goes well....So that has been my week :) On a lunch break now and just checking blogs.

    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with your assignment!


  2. Oh my goodness... how sweet is she?! I'm melting!!!!!!!! :)