5 months

Every month I say the same thing, but I really can't believe how fast time has been going by. 5 months already? Before I know it I'll be planning her first birthday (and yes... I may have already picked out a theme).

Cecilia has such a fun little personality already. She smiles all the time. When she is fussy all it takes is Amelia to cheer her up. She loves her big sister. She watches her every move and gets so excited when Amelia gets down and plays with her. 

Cecilia is just like Amelia. If you put effort into spending time with her and letting her get used to you, she will like you. If you don't... forget it. She is good with people until 8 o'clock at night and then a switch flips and she only wants mommy. No one else will do. It happens every single night, without fail. 

She is quite a stubborn little one already. With Mark and I as parents it's bound to happen. She will not take a bottle!!! I mean, will not! During some post surgery testing I had done I wasn't allowed to feed her for 12 hours. Now we've tried this bottle thing for a few months now without success but people always said "well if she's hungry she will take a bottle"... nope, not our girl. That one day I wasn't able to feed her she went 15 hours without taking a bottle. I do have to give her props though... she is an awesome sleeper. She still wakes up once a night, but she's also still really tiny. I mean, tiny. So I have no issues with her getting up to eat. 

She moves all over the place when she's on the floor. She thinks she's a big girl and is always trying to sit up. She eyes everyone's food. She grabs everything in sight and immediately puts it in her mouth.

Cecilia is as sweet as can be. She loves to sit and snuggle... and yep, she still rocks some crazy hair!!! I'm so in love with her. 
Ashley Elizabeth