I'm so happy the weekend is almost here. I have spent most of this week with a killer migraine, and when it's not a migraine it's a raging headache. I basically wanted to rip my head off of my body this week and throw it away. I'm exhausted and in desperate need of some good sleep. This week was good aside from that though. I'm hoping to get most of my homework read today during nap time so that I can get my assignment and quiz done and submitted tomorrow morning. We'll see if that happens. So, enough of that crap. Here's a recap of our week.
1. I didn't have any littles on Wednesday so Erica, Amelia and I went to Slappy Cakes. It's this cute Portland restaurant that does breakfast... and you get to make your own pancakes. Amelia was thrilled since pancakes are one of the few breakfast items she actually loves. You choose your batter, fillings and toppings and just make it right there at your table. So cute! Amelia had buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips and topped them with maple syrup and whipped cream. Being our first time there we weren't worried about healthy pancakes obviously! haha. I had chicken fried steak that was amazing and my sister had a classic breakfast thingy. Overall awesome place and we will definitely be going back.
2. If you missed it earlier in the week, this DIY heart garland hit the blog. You can find the tutorial by clicking HERE
3. Amelia made me a card and wrote this, along with 'Mama' all by herself without asking anyone for help on how to spell things. Oh how I love her to pieces. 
4. These two are so darn cute! They snuggle on my lap almost every night. Mark and I don't know why he loves her so much. That poor cat gets drug around, chased constantly and laid on all the time... yet he still runs to snuggle her every time she sits down. They are perfect for one another. 
5. If you missed last night's recipe post... check it out. This chicken was SO good. I'm not even joking. Check it out HERE.
So... that's what we've been up to this week. Hopefully we keep this sunny weather... even if the wind is a bit chilly. Have a good weekend! 
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  1. Like your new tangerine + mint color scheme!! I hope that my cats will have the same love for Olive that your kitty has for Amelia. They are so sweet together. I would LOVE to try Slappy Cakes - its sounds like such a fun place!! Hope you're feeling better and have a great weekend.

  2. I wish we had a breakfast place like that here, make you own pancakes, how awesome!!

  3. yikes, migraines are awful.

    love the hearts!