Ten Favorite Things About A New Year

Last week we said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014. I'm sad that time goes by so fast, but I'm excited for many things we have planned this next year. Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved for Ten Favorite Things About A New Year. If you haven't checked out Brianna's blog... you should! That girl is awesome!

One A Clean Slate. A new year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and give yourself a fresh start. Forget those resolutions that you didn't accomplish last year and focus on setting realistic goals for yourself in the new year.

Two Memories. You get a whole year of memories to look back on, and a whole new year of memories to make. While I hate that time goes by so fast, each new year is a reminder that you only live once. Make the most of the days you have with the ones you love.

Three Adventures. A new year means a new set of adventures. This year we are going on our first family vacation. Flying into Florida for our nephew's high school graduation and then taking a road trip up the entire East Coast to Maine. It's going to be epic. Add on some camping trips, beach trips and day trips... this year is going to be full of adventure.

Four Firsts. When you have young kids it is so fun to watch them experience things for the first time. Thankfully Amelia is still little enough to have a lot of firsts each year. This year are some big ones. She turns 5. She starts kindergarten. She will take her first LONG plane ride (she's been on a plan a few times, but short trips to my mom's). I can't wait to see what his year has in store for us.

Five Celebrations. I love celebrating every birthday and holiday throughout the year.

Six Personal Development. Mark and I have both spent the past few months figuring out the direction we are headed, both individually and as husband and wife. We both have things we want to work on in the new year and fingers crossed we can accomplish everything we are striving for.

Seven Hope. Each time a new year is rung in I get this overwhelming feeling of hope. It's the time of year to dream big and make some changes. I have high hopes for 2014.

Eight Seasons. I love watching the seasons change. Each season offers something exciting to look forward to.

Nine Blogging. When I started my blog it was to share our adventures with our family and close friends. I never imagined I would reach an audience greater than that. I am excited to be growing and gaining some crazy page views (18k in December). I'm excited to see where I can take this little piece of myself over the next year. Thanks for the support.

Ten Energy. I love seeing how energized and motivated people are when it comes to a new year. People have the mindset to get things done. A year can really drain a person from start to finish. I'm glad the new year gives us all a reason to kick our butts into gear. Hopefully I can maintain that all year.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. love love love love!! you're so awesome. thank you for linking up! I love this list so much. Literally everything is so true. Especially the personal development one. I think thats so important! And firsts because that's so excited! I really hope 2014 is an amazing year for you girl :)

  2. A whole East coast roadtrip?? I am dying to do that!!!

    1. I'm so excited! I get giddy every time I think about it.

  3. sounds like an exciting year for you! thanks for following... now i'm following you :)

  4. I love the hope the new year brings. How fun to see a little one grow with each year.

  5. Yes to seasons!!! Except Winter. Winter is the devil.

  6. Love this list! I had quite a few of them on mine as well! My favorites are the clean slate and new energy. starting fresh is a great way to motivate yourself to get things done this year!


  7. Roadtrip!! Hellsyeah! We just did a road trip around the American Southwest (visiting a bunch of national parks on the way) and it was awesome! I hope you'll have fun with yours too!! and safe travels! :)

    -Per (from the linkup) :)

  8. Cheers to lots of great blogging in the new year! Happy to discover your blog and looking forward to following in the new year!

  9. Great list.....love them. Here's to an awesome 2014!