our time with two

We are nearing 12 weeks since Cecilia was born. Time goes by fast with one, but add a second and it's even worse. I'm not gonna lie. I've never been more exhausted in my entire life, but these weeks with Cecilia have been absolutely amazing. Watching Amelia's love for her baby sister, and watching Cecilia's face light up when she sees her big sister is what dreams are made of. The other day I asked Mark if he felt done having kids. I've heard that some people just know when a child is born that they will be their last. He had always said he'd like two and then see how he feels after that, and I always wanted four which is why we agreed that three was our magic number and then we'd decide on any more after that point. It made me laugh when he said he doesn't feel like we are done having kids yet, but he really doesn't like feeling this tired. This time goes by so fast though and both of us are just trying to soak it all up before she's crawling... walking... going to school... and driving... because before we know it that's where we'll be.

I really struggled during my pregnancy with the worry that I wouldn't be able to give enough love and attention to both of our girls. Amelia had been it for seven years and I wasn't sure how adding another baby to our family was going to affect her. I'm so happy to say that our transition to a family of four has been pretty smooth. I do feel bad when Amelia wants or needs my attention and I'm feeding Cecilia or trying to put her to sleep, but Amelia is really good about understanding the situation. She's also super helpful and does little jobs for Cecilia and I, and I think that makes her feel important. She is so in love with her baby sister. Considering my sisters are also my best friends I'm glad that these two girls will have one another. Sisterhood is a special kind of bond.

In other news... we're closing in on the end of the school year already. How did that even happen? I'm starting to make plans for summer break. There are so many things I'd like us to do during that time. Amelia has continued to keep us busy with dancing and religious education classes, and she plans to start up horseback riding again next week. Cecilia is being baptized this weekend on my 31st birthday. I'm looking forward to spending a day celebrating her with our family.
This girl has changed so much in the past year. She amazes me.

Life lately just seems to be filled with so many blessings. Even with the chaos I still feel so happy that this is our life.
Ashley Elizabeth