Elf on the Shelf

Last year we welcomed the 'Elf on the Shelf' into our home. He showed up one night in my daughter's room. We had gone to dinner at my Aunt's house and when we got home she noticed the book on her bed. As we sat there and read it, she glanced over to her dresser and saw him sitting there. She didn't know what to think about the whole thing, but she quickly got excited to see just what her elf 'Spirit' was going to do next. I know we've still got a little bit of time before the holiday season, but I thought I would share our Elf's tricks from last year.

Lipstick messages on the mirror

DVD mess
A 'snow' elf (made with sugar)

Spirit the elf hung Amelia's panties on our Christmas tree

A ride in the carriage

Sippin' on a cup of hot cocoa (a mug of marshmallows)

Tangled in the lamp

Playing Chutes and Ladders with some friends

Brushing his teeth

Spirit made Amelia a countdown to Christmas paper chain and left her a little not commending her on her great behavior. 

He hung out in the fridge all day drinking Egg Nog

Spirit went fishing

Decorating his own tree

Naughty Rudolf... trapped Spirit in a jar

Hangin' out 

green milk

He cleaned off a shelf and made himself a cozy place to read Christmas stories

Spirit hung streamers and hung from them. 

 Haha, I loved this one. We woke up to drawings all over our faces. (dry erase markers)

TP tree

self portrait

sitting in the stockings

Spirit colored a picture for Amelia and even signed it

chocolate cake and egg nog

And my most FAVORITE of all...
The recipe for these cookies can be found on my blog by clicking HERE.

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. That is so funny! Darn kids for growing up, since I don't think he'd work on a 16 year old!

    1. I didn't buy our elf until last year and my daughter will be 18 in January. It may not take care of it all, but if she is being unreasonable or not doing her chores, Eileen doesn't come out to play. She enjoys looking for her every morning, just like a little one. :)

    2. I am doing this for my girls this year -- both are 16 - one gets excited the other rolls her eyes.

  2. I am IMPRESSED!! You are so creative. My favorites were...drawing on your family pictures, playing games with other animals and being stuck in a jar courtesy of Rudolph!! I did Elf on the Shelf in my classroom and we named him Peppermint. I could have used some of these cute ideas because I didn't do anything this elaborate. I'll have to file them to use in a few years :)

    1. Thanks so much. It's going to be hard finding NEW things for this year. Hopefully Spirit can figure out a few new tricks. He came to our house Thanksgiving last year, I think that's when he will show up again.

  3. I love love love the cookies. Each of my grandchildren had an elf visit them last year. Two of my grands live with us so I had a blast trying new things to do with "Christopher" This year Christopher is bringing an old friend (a very old shelf sitter elf we found at an estate sale) Michael with him to surprise the kids. I so wish there was something like this when my children were small. My oldest granddaughter is 8 and we're crossing our fingers that we can get another year out of her excitement and wonder with our elf! She is chomping at the bit for Christopher to get here. Have fun with your elf!!

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  11. How delightful! Your Elf on the Shelf adventures sound like a magical journey that brought joy and excitement to your home. Can't wait to hear about the new mischief 'Spirit' gets into this upcoming holiday season!
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