Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. This year Amelia and I made a deal. She kept telling me she wanted to be a scared kitty, but come to find out she just wanted me to buy her this purple fabric with cats on it. My mom had the brilliant idea to buy the fabric, make her a dress and then ask her if I could surprise her with her actual Halloween costume... and Amelia agreed. She's excited that Mama is surprising her. I can't wait to reveal her costume, but for now we're keeping it a secret. I wanted to share her past costumes with you though.

Amelia's First Halloween, 2009: A Pirate
(My mom made her entire costume)
Amelia's Second Halloween, 2010: A Bagpiper

Amelia's Third Halloween, 2011: A Wildland Firefighter
 (My mom made the entire costume, the pumpkin bag was mine as a kid)
Amelia's Fourth Halloween, 2012: A Spider
 (I made the skirt and head piece, my mom made the legs)
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Those are all so cute! My daughter was a cow her first year, a bullrider her second (complete with dad as a rodeo clown & me as a bull) and a blue M&M her third.

    1. Thank you. I love that he dressed up as a rodeo clown. I think my husband is dressing up with our daughter this year. I just love Halloween.

  2. The wildland firefighter costume is great! My husband is a wildland firefighter and I've wanted to dress my kids up as one, but I've never felt up to the task of making the costume. I just might give it a try this year though. Thanks for posting the pictures for a jumping-off place!

  3. Did you use a pattern for the woodland firefighter? My husband is one one and my daughter is determined to go as one lol I've searched everywhere and nothing so the only way would be to make it

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