A Drive to Hood River

Yesterday we decided to do a little day trip to Hood River. I love the little town of Hood River, it is absolutely adorable. We actually end up there on the beaches of the river more than the Oregon Coast. It's a really popular wind surfing town. We left late morning with my sister Grace and her fiance Chris. It was a nice drive up there and the weather was decent. We didn't really think it through though. The town is filled with adorable little shops, but of course they were closed due to the holiday. We had fun walking around anyway and enjoyed a yummy meal at Full Sail Brewery.

little sister and I
My girl and I
My Loves
Ashley Elizabeth


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    1. haha, we get that a lot. What's funny is that I look a lot more like my older sister than the one in this picture. My older sister and I get mistaken for twins, even though she is almost 4 years older.

  2. What a quaint little town!! Looks like the setting for a great movie or book :) You'll have to go back when the shops are open and do a little shopping.

    1. It is such an awesome place. We like to go there in the summer and lounge on the bank of the river. It is always windy and sunny... perfect kite flying weather.