Brisk weather and biscuits with a dollop of frozen yogurt on top

I was in desperate need of a day like today. A day with nothing to do. We rarely have weekends free so I am taking full advantage of this one. Mark works all weekend so it's just Amelia and I in the mornings. We slept in until 10 o'clock and I woke up feeling completely rejuvenated. We hung out at home until Mark got off work and then we headed out to a local park. It was bright and sunny out, but incredibly cold. We were bundled up and still had goosebumps. Let's just say we didn't last long at the park.
She was not excited about the cold weather. She had high hopes of playing at the park.

such a ham

warming up those tiny hands

After our short stop at the park we headed up into North Portland to go to the dance shop. Amelia starts her new ballet class this week and she needed a new leotard. She was a purple (pre-ballet), but now she is a green (basic ballet). She also needed new ballet shoes. Her little feet grow about once a year so it was time. We hadn't eaten anything all day so we went to this awesome restaurant in the area. Pine State Biscuits is so tasty. We've only been there one other time so we were excited to go again.
I know... it looks SOOOO healthy! haha. Good thing this was all I had eaten today
Last stop of the day... dessert

Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in a little. I think Amelia and I will hop on the elevator and walk around downtown Oregon City. Tonight I'm going to work on items for my shop. I have so much fabric to use. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. If you are getting snow... I'm jealous! I wish we got snow at least once a winter, but snow is a rare thing here in OC.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. We're supposed to get 11 inches tomorrow in my area of MI. You can have some (*cough*ALL*cough*) of THAT if you want. ;) Low key weekends are the best. We're having one, too! :)

  2. I'll send some snow along with Amanda - she must live somewhat close to me (SE Michigan), they're calling for up to 14 inches of white joy. School is already cancelled thru Tuesday.

    I'm so glad I don't have to be replacing dance shoes every year anymore! My daughter is 16 and I haven't replaced her tap shoes in probably 3 years, her feet happily stopped growing! But ballet slippers & jazz booties & lyrical turners do get replaced regularly because she wears them out.

    Love Amelia's curls! So cute!