DIY Heart Garland Tutorial

I really love all of the paper garlands that are floating around Etsy and Pinterest. I have found a lot of circular garland, but I really wanted something that I could hang in my house for the month of February. The one thing that I really love about our rental house is that the front door has glass. I like hanging seasonal decorations up that will greet our guests as they walk up to the door. This DIY heart garland is adorable! Love it! 
red glitter cardstock
heart paper punch (or Cricut with a heart cartridge)
glue (I recommend using a hot glue gun)
fishing line
First you will want to cut out all of your hearts. I plan on using the garland in my front door and each row of garland I made has 12 hearts (24 total for each garland front and back). I ran the hearts through my Xyron sticker machine, put the fishing line on the center of the hearts and spaced them apart randomly. My suggestion would be to use a hot glue gun. The Xyron maching works wonderfully with lighter weight paper, but didn't hold the thick glitter cardstock together well. Other than that, this garland was incredibly easy to make and looks absolutely adorable hanging in our door. 

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Ashley Elizabeth


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    1. Thanks Whitney! I'm obsessed with all things glittery these days.

  2. Love that door!!
    ~Emily Stewart

    1. Awww thanks Emily! And I'm so happy you check out my blog!

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    1. Glitter is pretty much one of the best things ever!

  4. Hi!! I'm glad you found me via Bloglovin! I'm always happy to "meet" Oregon bloggers as well! I love this paper! In fact I'm making Valentine cards today with what looks like the exact same paper! Gotta love sparkles :)

    1. I love sparkles. In fact I've been working on decor for my daughter's 5th birthday and we've got tons of sparkles going on.