Weekend Recap and a new pony!

This weekend went by way too fast. Saturday we spent the day in Portland so that I could take some photos. I took a photography class back when I was going to the community college in 2004, but once I got a full time job with the state of Oregon I put school on hold. I have been wanting to take the current class I am in for years, so I decided to finally register. It was cold and rainy Saturday, but I still managed to get the shots I needed to fulfill the assignment. My instructor is amazing! and she is actually the same instructor I had back in 2004. Anyway, our instructor said we could take this weeks photos with any camera (even a phone) since it was about composition, but I really wanted to use my 'new to me' camera body.

After we were done in downtown we headed over to my Grandma's house so I could go with Grace and Chris to their wedding photographer appointment. I love the photographers that they chose to capture their big day. We spent some time with my Grandma after and then headed home so I could finish my assignment. Sunday we slept in incredibly late and lounged around all day. Seriously, I didn't even shower... which is rare for me. The evening was spent with my sisters, Chris and my little family. All in all a wonderful weekend! 
Today I watched the littles but was off early so that Mark, Amelia and I could go meet Mark's brother in Longview, WA. He flew into Seattle today for business so we wanted to take advantage of how close he was. It was great to see him. We had dinner and chatted quite a bit and then he asked to take Amelia to Target so she could pick out a toy. She of course fell in love with this pony that makes noises and walks around. So cute. 

showing her pictures of her cousin
I think I'm going to spend the rest of the week wrapping up some projects for my Etsy shops, organizing the house (I think I'm going nuts with the mess) and figuring out a meal plan and grocery list. I have kids all 5 days this week so I'm hoping to be a little more productive during nap time than I was last week. 
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  1. So cute that Amelia's uncle took her to Target to buy her a toy!!! :) I have some stuff I want from there... ask him if he'll take me, too.