A Fur Hat, Airplanes and a Cute Cow

Well this has been one hell of a busy weekend! Seriously, I am so happy that I get to take this photography class online through the college, but the fact that I can only work on my assignments and take my photos on the weekends really makes me a cranky B who runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off. So after two days of busin' butt on it, assignments are turned in and a quiz is complete... and now I'm having a date with a big ol' bowl of chocolate ice cream while I watch the Grammy's.

Mark worked all weekend so I wanted to do something fun with my girl. One of the fondest memories I have as a little girl with my Grandpa was going to watch the airplanes take off from the airport. Grandpa would drive us up there and we would park on the side of the road. It was so much fun and such a great memory to have. Well, since then people are not allowed to park there and watch them, but thankfully it doesn't cost much at all to use the short term parking garage. I decided that Amelia and I needed to watch the airplanes this weekend. I didn't even realize until after we were at the airport that Saturday was January 25th; my days get all mixed up and I rarely know the date, but that would have been my Grandpa's 85th birthday. What a great date with my girl and a wonderful way to remember my Grandpa. We woke up early, bundled up, hit the Starbuck's drive through and headed out on our adventure to the roof top. I set up a blanket on the hood of my car and she got so excited as each one took off; watching them all the way until they went out of sight.

After we left the airport we stopped by to visit my Grandma. It was nice to spend a couple of hours with her. Then we headed to Molalla to hang with my sisters. I also needed to take photos for my class so we drove around town doing that too. We also went out to dinner and lounged around Grace's watching tv until we were all beyond exhausted and headed home. 
I just loved this little guy. He came running to the fence when I walked over with my camera. Friendly Fella
Amelia and I did sleep in a little this morning, but once Mark got home I had to head out and snap more photos so I didn't get much family time today. I will definitely have to spoil my girl with Mommy time tomorrow night.

Well, that was my eventful weekend for ya. I LOVED spending Saturday morning with Amelia. When you are on the roof top level of the parking garage the airplanes are so massive as they take off. Best $3 spent!!! 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. I love that you took her to share a memory that was special from your childhood, too. :)

  2. What a fun thing to do! Have you ever seen a picture of the airport in St. Maarten? The planes skim right over the beach as they land!