I have been a mom for eight years... how is that even possible? I feel like Amelia should still be a little three or four year old running around the house, not an eight year old! Our girls' birthdays are five days apart so it was celebration central in our world last month and I loved every second of celebrating them. So, this post is all about the older girl in my world... Amelia.

Amelia is a very special girl. She's smart, kind, polite, very well-behaved, fun, compassionate, sweet, sassy, hilarious, helpful and just totally awesome. I am so incredibly proud of the person she is becoming. 

Here are some facts about 8 year old Amelia

* She is fairly shy, unless she knows you well
* She is very artistic/creative and is always crafting up something for someone
* She likes to do complex math problems for fun. No joke, she'll have me print off several sheets
   at a time and then she blasts through them
* She's so kind and is always thinking of others
* Her favorite subjects in school are math and reading. She's pretty obsessed with both.
* She has been Irish dancing for almost 2 years now (April will be 2yrs)
* She LOVES animals
* Amelia has a rabbit named Rascal, a kitten named Tiger and five fish 
* She loves to run and can't wait to join the track team next year. According to her PE teacher, she's 
   super fast. 
* We joke that she's slightly OCD because she is often obsessed with cleaning things. She'll randomly
   start dusting and wiping down every surface in sight... and then there's the 
* She has still never eaten a piece of meat, and she's a very picky eater. 
* She loves to play Legos, make perler crafts and play with her horses
* Amelia would eat pancakes every day if we let her... obviously we don't
* She has been wearing glasses since she was five (she takes them off in most photos)
* She wants to be a large animal vet when she grows up
* Her favorite places to shop are Target, Nordstrom and any book store
* Her laugh is infectious
* Every night when she goes to bed she kisses her sister on the forehead and says "goodnight Cecilia,
   you're the best sister in the entire world. I love you so much"

I really could go on and on with how awesome this girl is. I just love her so much. Below are more photos that I snapped the other day. She looks so grown up to me...

Ashley Elizabeth