After all, tomorrow is Halloween

Well, tomorrow is the big day and Amelia is all ready. When I asked Amelia what she wanted to be for Halloween she said a 'scaredy cat'. I was hoping she would want to be something a little more creative and original, but a cat is what she said. We were in JoAnn's a few days after we had talked about costumes and she showed me some purple fabric with black cats on it. She said "Look Mama, that's the fabric for my costume". We are in JoAnn's all the time and she apparently saw that fabric a while back and that is what she based her costume idea on. I made a deal with her that I would buy the fabric and make a dress for her to wear whenever she wanted if I could surprise her with her Halloween costume. My mom made every inch of this costume and she did an amazing job! It couldn't have turned out any better. So, here she is...

Miss Scarlett O'Hara

I can't wait to take her trick-or-treating tomorrow. My entire family usually goes out with us. Since Amelia is the only kid we make it a really fun night. My sister is making us dinner and we will be trick-or-treating in Molalla.
Ashley Elizabeth

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