My SAHM Anniversary

Today is my one year mark of being a stay at home mom. Time has flown by and I'm amazed at how much we were able to do in the past 12 months. The decision to leave my job wasn't an easy one; if it were easy I would have left when Amelia was born. My staying home was something that Mark and I had talked about from the beginning, but it was more a dream that I thought would never come true. Here is a recap of our amazing year.

We left right after my last day with ODF and headed to Colville to spend time with my mom. It was our first Halloween up there. Such a fun trip filled with a bunch of great memories. 

I have been able to improve my sewing skills greatly. I love sewing but never had the time while I was working. Now I'm much more confident. 

I've completed quite a few decorating projects around the house. 

Amelia participated in two wonderful ballets. The Nutcracker and Russe Classique. She's currently rehearsing for the 2013 Nutcracker. I hadn't ever been able to take her to a ballet class until I became a SAHM. I love being able to see her progress. 

We went to the beach a couple of times which we had only done once or twice since Amelia was born. When you work for an agency that fights wildfires it's hard to get away in the summer. My family usually had to take her to the beach for us... but not this summer!

We got to go camping a couple of times. Amelia had only been camping once before. I'm hoping next summer we got a lot more. 

I got to join Mark's family on a trip for the first time ever! I was never able to take the time off before. It was wonderful getting to spend time with them.

I planned a family reunion. It was amazing to spend a day/weekend with our family!

 We got to see a lot of new places.

 I enjoyed a lot of sunsets.

 Playing is now my job.

 We explore Oregon City regularly (where we live).

 Amelia and I made at least 7 trips up to my mom's house in a year. I think that's close to, if not more, than the number of times I have ever been up there. (they moved up there in 2008)

 Crafting has become a daily occurrence. It's our thing

I drove through the worst lightning storm I have ever seen.

Amelia set foot in Idaho for the first time. We went to Coeur d'Alene in early summer and Sandpoint just a couple of weeks ago. 

We enjoy lots of tea parties.

I have watched 12 kids over the past year. I absolutely love my new 'job'!

This is just a snapshot of our year. I can't believe all of the memories we have made. Not only do I get to spend all day with my girl, but I get to see my husband a lot more. Becoming a stay at home mom... BEST DECISION EVER!!!

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Congrats! SAHM is got to be the hardest job out there, Kudos to you for doing it!

    1. Thank you. It is definitely a fun job. I do daycare out of my home so the kids keep me pretty busy... but it's great.

  2. SAHM is a job itself :) You have been doing great , congratulations !

  3. I wish we had Halloween in Poland :)

    1. It is an awesome holiday. I can't wait to post pictures of my daughter in her costume. My mom and I make them every year and they always turn out great. It's sad to think other countries don't get this holiday :(

  4. Loved seeing your year in review!! Looks like you've been rocking it as a SAHM. It's a lot of work but an amazing opportunity. You really do a great job of maximizing the fun and quality time together. Love seeing your crafts, DIYs and cute outfits. I'm thinking about taking up sewing this year and I'm jealous that you've been to Coeur D'Alene!! It was on our bucket list of places to travel when we lived in Utah but we never made it. Looking forward to seeing what year 2 as a SAHM brings for your family.

    1. Thank you for your comment Whitney! After reading this I realized that this next year Amelia will turn 5 and start kindergarten... I better make the most of it all! She'll be in school before I know it.