What Amelia Wore - Meow!

I guess it's only fitting that I follow up my 'National Cat Day' post with another cat themed post. Amelia LOVES cats! I often find myself supporting her addiction through clothing. You know, those shirts that have glitter printed sayings on them such as 'I Heart My Cat' or the leggings that have hundreds of colorful cats all over them. Amelia always loves when I bring home a new cat item. When I saw this cardigan I knew I had to buy it. The look on her face when it arrived was hilarious. Who knew a sweater with a bunch of cat on it would be such a hit. We have quite a few serious pictures in this batch, but this Mama still thinks they are adorable. 

I like this casual little look with the dressy flats. The turtleneck adds a nice amount of warmth to the outfit without necessarily requiring a heavy coat.
turtleneck: Pumpkin Patch (two years old)
cardigan: H&M
jeans: Old Navy
flats: Michael Kors
scarf: Ameliabug (I made it)
headband: She borrowed it from me... and I don't remember at all where I got it

and here are two outtakes... she saw a spider as I was snapping a few shots. hahah, her face is priceless.

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. I LOVE Amelia's new cardigan!! I kind of wish it came in my size :) I am sure that I'll do the same when Olive starts having an opinion about her outfits. H&M might have found their newest model in Amelia!!