What Amelia Wore

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know that I take a lot of pictures of my daughter Amelia. Not only do I take a lot of pictures of Amelia, but I have a serious love for kid's fashion. I've had a few people request that I blog about her wardrobe; where I buy her clothes, why I pair certain things together, what accessories I put on her etc. So welcome to week one of 'What Amelia Wore'.

I really love this outfit for fall. A peplum top goes really well with leggings because of the flare at the bottom. I've tried pairing this top with jeans and it just didn't have the same 'cute' factor. Her jeans are mostly wide/flare legged right now and I think this top looks better with a straight leg or skinny jean. Amelia has had at least a dozen different brands of leggings since she was born, but I find that Old Navy leggings fit her tall and slender build perfectly. It was quite chilly outside this morning so we added a sweater and scarf... and of course boots. Who doesn't love a little girl in boots?
top: Gap
sweater: Kohls last season, similar cardigan at Gap
leggings: Old Navy
boots: Zulily
scarf: Ameliabug (link to Ameliabug on Etsy in the sidebar and message for custom orders)
dog Jack: garage sale $1... best purchase at a garage sale EVER!

If there is any interest from other bloggin' Mamas out there to make this a weekly link up, please let me know. I love looking at what other little kids are dressed in (no matter what age they are) and I think it would be fun. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. She is an adorable little model! great photos and I love the fall scene.


  2. so cute! the little peplum top looks adorable on her!


  3. My dog is named Jack, too! But he's a wiggly Beagle.

    My little girl (ok, she's 16) is usually dressed in shorts / sports bra for dance - LOL! She's odd that she can "scrub" in her sweat pants / tank top / messy bun but then the next day have her hair curled in perfect ringlets and wear the cutest jeans / blouse / boots. Guess its a mood thing.

    1. What sort of dance does your daughter do? Amelia has been in ballet for a year and LOVES it.