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I wanted to share with you all some exciting new things coming to 'From Ashley to Awesome'. I started my blog as a way to share our latest happenings with family and close friends. I have always loved to write, so much so that when I was younger my parents would take away my paper and pens as a punishment for being a naughty little rascal. Seriously... it was worse than anything! I never expected that my blog would become something that was read by people all over the world. Heck, I wasn't really sure that anyone other than my mom and sisters would follow along. I really appreciate all of the love and support my readers and fellow bloggers have given me. This experience has been a blast and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me.

'We Made It' -Link Up (Every Thursday)
If you follow regularly then you know I'm a serious lover of crafting, delicious recipes and amazing DIY projects. I'm hoping that those of you who share this love will join my new 'We Made It' link up. First link up party will be on Thursday, December 5th and then every Thursday following. Hope to see you there.
Rules of linking up
*Follow From Ashley to Awesome and any co-hosts
*Link up any post, past or present, to share recipes, craft ideas, home decor, DIY projects and any other related tutorials. 
*Show a little love to others linking up

'Where I Come From' - Link Up (last Tuesday of each month)
I was wandering around Portland when the idea for this link up popped into my head. I love reading blogs. For me it's a way to see a little piece of the world through the eyes of someone else. My 'Where I Come From' link up will be a monthly link up where bloggers can share pictures and stories of places to go, things to do and the beautiful scenery in their city and/or state. If you're like me you have a bucket list of places to visit that are nearby, but you can never find the time. I'm giving you an excuse! haha. I am really interested in seeing what you all love, or don't love, about where you come from. I have had several readers tell me that they would love to visit Oregon. While I won't be offering up plane tickets to here, I will be sharing with you the many reasons why I love living in Oregon. As of right now this will be monthly. If there is interest I might eventually bump it up to twice a month. 

Rules for this link up
*Follow From Ashley to Awesome and any co-hosts
*Link up posts that are related to where you come from. Travel blogs are wonderful and I would love for you to share a link those posts in the comments on these, but if you are linking up with the actual link up tools, let's make it about where we are from
*Show a little love to others linking up

Advertising with From Ashley to Awesome
I am currently working on a blog page to offer up several options for advertising on From Ashley to Awesome. Look for that information to be published sometime in the next week.

So that's the latest news here on the blog. Down the road I will be looking to add some co-hosts to my link ups. Please let me know if you would be interested. As always, please email me with any questions ashleybeth1588(at)gmail(dot)com.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Sound like fun link ups! I'll have to try them out. The last 2 summers we drove around Michigan, so I have some great posts about that.

    1. I really hope people join in. I think they will be fun!