It's Friday Time!

This week went by quite fast and I am beyond exhausted right now. We really didn't do much at all, but I haven't been sleeping well. This weekend my cousin is coming in to town and I can't wait to hang out with him and let our kids play together. It should be a fun time! Here is a quick recap of our week.

1. The county has been working on the water line going into our house for the past few weeks. First they tore up our sidewalk and left it for a while. It was a challenge to get in to our gate. This week they poured the concrete for the sidewalk, but didn't finish our pathway to our house... and they dug up our front yard. Who knows when they will be back to finish this mess up. 

2. This handsome man has been quite the snuggle cat lately. He's been sleeping a ton... maybe he's vitamin D deficient like the rest of us Oregonians. 

3. I wasn't lying when I said we didn't do much this week. My three loves taking a pre-bedtime nap.

4. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I've thought about it several times since. We are all guilty of doing this. I'm making this a goal for myself to push aside the little things that don't matter and trust in the power of prayer and a positive attitude. 

5. So Amelia has been trying to skip ever since she started ballet over a year ago. My sister bought her a pair of Uggs a few weeks back and no joke... she skipped in them right away. Now we are quite certain she has forgotten how to walk. Anyway, this is the norm at our house... ballet and skipping all over... and always ready to strike a pose.

This post definitely made me realize that... I NEED TO DO MORE! We've been on the go for months and I think we are just taking the down time we have and turning it into complete laziness. I'm now determined to have a more exciting post next Friday!
Happy Weekend All!
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. sometimes down time is just so nice! i'm having a week that is leaving me wishing and wishing for a few days at home in pjs! ha

    1. Since I'm a SAHM I spend every day at home... but I always have to get dressed and look half way decent since I do daycare out of my home. Today, since I only have one kid... it's yoga pants all the way :) I do sometimes get stir crazy though and wish I could hop in the car and run to Starbucks for a half hour or so.

  2. The picture of everyone sleeping is precious. :) I love that quote, too!!! Never heard it before but it speaks the truth... thanks for sharing! :)