An Awesome Weekend Recap

What a wonderful weekend! Amelia had rehearsal on Saturday for the Nutcracker. I can't wait for their performances this year. It was absolutely wonderful last year and I'm sure this year will be no different. Amelia and I snapped some pictures while we waited for her to go dance.

Amelia always makes us throw in a silly picture

After her rehearsal was done we headed over to my Grandma's house. My cousin was in town with his three kids and we wanted to spend some time with them. His kids are absolutely adorable and Amelia just loves playing with them. I think she enjoys the fact that they are closer to her age than any of the kids I babysit. I decided to take over some supplies and have a little crafting session with the four kids. It was a blast! I had tons of paint, wooden frames, ornaments, snowmen and paper. And yes, these pictures are taken in my Grandma's garage and she stocks up well! 

Eva (my Goddaughter)

I decided to have the kids paint hand print turkeys. Amelia and I had already done one at home so she didn't do one last night, but the rest of the kids really loved doing them. 
Amelia's hand print turkeys

My sister Erica topped off the fun night with a sundae bar. The kids had the best day!

We slept in until 11 this morning after our eventful Saturday. We went back over to my Grandma's today to spend more time with family. I love hanging out with my family. Tonight we all snuggled up and watched The Polar Express. I am definitely in the Christmas spirit! 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. I'm trying SO hard not to get too excited about Christmas before Thanksgiving but I grow weaker and weaker every day!!!!

    1. So do I! I'm pretty sure I need to decorate this week :)

  2. Looks like you guys did have a great time!! Those hand print turkeys stamped so well! I'm always up for a great sundae bar. I'm sure the kids would love to have these fun activities every weekend. PS I think you could live in your grandma's garage for a while b/c that it an impressive stock pile!!