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I started my fist blog shortly after my daughter was born in 2009, but it didn't amount to much. I was a new mom and worked full time so blogging quickly got pushed to the 'I don't have time for this' pile. I am so glad I started back up once my life settled into a good rhythm. I think it's safe to say that a lot of bloggers also read a lot of blogs. Here is a list of my favorite, must read blogs!

Runs for Cookies is a blog written by Katie... and Katie is a total inspiration. I have probably spent more time following along with her blog than any other blog out there. Katie lost a lot of weight and shares her story on the blog, as well as her life now in maintenance mode. Great read!

Biblical Homemaking is a blog written by Mandy. Mandy is a mother to five and I absolutely love reading her blog. She has some great style, a beautiful home that she shares, awesome DIYs and a stellar blog in general. I love that her focus is on her faith and life as a mother... and she has be prettiest hair in the world. Check her blog out!

The Small Things Blog is written by Kate. I found Kate's blog via Pinterest and let me just say... that girl has the BEST hair tutorials EVER! She also has a crazy love of cats... so that's another plus. Oh... and she's currently pregnant so I'm excited to see how her blog changes with her new role as a mother. Start reading her blog now! You won't be sorry.

The Lauren Elizabeth is obviously written by Lauren. Lauren is the sister of Kate (from The Small Things blog). If you love one... you'll love them both. Lauren features great fashion and her daily life in Chicago on her blog. She also has a beautiful Etsy shop. And she loves cats too. Definitely check her out!

Bell Bliss is written by Mackenzie. She is a military wife who just got moved to Okinawa with her husband. I love seeing what life is like for her in another country. She posts some beautiful pictures and shares her experiences with readers. This is a fun blog to follow!

Polka-Dotty Place is written by Whitney. Whitney has a fun blog filled with DIYs, recipes, cute outfits and adorable pictures of her infant baby girl. I find myself reading her posts daily. She shares some great stuff. Check her out!

So these are my daily reads. Some people read books every day... I read blogs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Thanks for the bloggy love :) I always enjoy seeing what you and Amelia are up to; keep those crafty projects and outfit posts coming!