Yay for Friday

Happy Friday... well I guess it is technically Saturday. I've had the busiest week and I'm so glad the weekend is here so I can hopefully catch up on some sleep. Here is a recap of my week... along with a few of my favorite things.

1. Our poor cat Rudy get a lot of unwanted love from Amelia and the little kids I babysit. The poor cat is constantly hiding. Lately he's been cuddling up in his cat bed and Amelia has been giving him stuffed animals to sleep with. She's such a sweet girl.

2. Cousins. Amelia and our nephew Eli get to play together almost every Thursday. The two of them play so well together. I'm glad they get that time together.

3. We made cookies this week and I'm pretty sure that more of the Hershey's Kisses made it into her mouth than into the bowl. I love the lump in her cheek in this pic.

4. Mark and I are Amelia free tonight. She's having a slumber party with my Mom and Sister Erica so Mark and I went out to do a little Christmas shopping. I made him put on this woman's vest. Doesn't he look so festive.

5. We hit up happy hour at Stanford's tonight and had these yummy dishes. The top was chili cheese fries (Mark's pick), the middle is bay shrimp bruschetta (delicious) and that bottom is just chicken strips and fries.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the week...

Favorite Quote

Favorite Pinterest Pin
My Favorite performance from the CMAs... other than the beautiful Luke Bryan!!

Enjoy your weekend! I'm hoping to get a bit more Christmas shopping done, accomplish some craft projects, take a nap or two and clean up my house!
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Rudy looks like he's made lots of friends. I often wonder how my cats will adjust as Olive gets older and wants to "play" with them. Good thing Amelia is in the kitchen to taste test for you :) Looks like you had a fun week!!