FMM - The Holidays and More: Part 2

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The Holidays and More: Part 2
1.  What state/country do you live in?  Oregon City, OR USA
2.  Where were you born?  Were you raised there?  I was born in Portland, but raised in a small town South of Portland called Molalla. Now I live in between the two.
3.  How do you feel about stores like Wal-mart opening on Thanksgiving Day for pre-Black Friday sales?  Will you participate?  I am not a fan of that! I don't think people should be forced to work on a holiday just because they want to make money. I will not be shopping that day!
4.  Have you ever participated in a Turkey Trot?  Nope. Maybe someday though
5.  What was your favorite toy as a child?  Growing up I loved anything artsy... so pens, colors and paper. Barbies were a favorite. Also roller blades! 
6.  Will you count points/calories on Thanksgiving Day?  Nah. I'm not one of those people who go all out and stuff myself. I like the Thanksgiving meal, but I'm not turkey obsessed like some. It's the cranberry sauce, stuffing and DESSERT that gets me!
7.  Will you watch football Thursday?  No! We will probably watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and some Christmas movies. In reality... we will probably just sit around and be entertained by Amelia. 
8.  Do you decorate inside/outside of your home for the holidays?  We put lights and wreaths up outside. I go all out inside. I haven't started decorating yet, but I'm getting the house ready. I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECOR!!!!
9.  Do you have allergies that prevent you from eating traditional holiday meals? Nope, I don't have allergies of any kind. Amelia's allergies are already bugging her... and will only get worse once the tree is in the house. Poor thing. 
10.  Is it snowing where you live? No. We maybe get a skiff of snow once or twice a year. Rain... we've got plenty of rain! We have to head to Mt. Hood or the hills for snow. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog; Oregon is on my must visit list; I would love to see Portland...and drink a lot of their beer :)

    1. I love Oregon! We definitely have some amazing breweries. Portland is unique. That's the best word to describe it.

  2. When I hear Portland, the first thing I think of is Grimm (Fridays on NBC) lol. MMM... cranberry sauce!

    1. They film a ton of Grimm in Oregon City (where I live) and a while back they filmed a block from my house. It was so cool. We walked over and watched for a bit. I have to admit though that I haven't seen a single episode. It's on my list of things to watch though!