Seven Years

I always had this idea growing up of the type of guy I would end up with... a small town, carhartt wearing, big truck driving, country music listening type of guy. 8 years ago, while attending the community college here, I was invited to a party by this guy who was in my biology class. I drug my friend Molly along because really, I just didn't know what type of people they would be outside of class... you know, they could be sketchy freaks. Jake (the party host) and his lab partner Mark were the only two people I knew. We had a great time at the party getting to know everyone. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the kitchen talking to Jake and Mark when out of nowhere Mark walks across the kitchen and kisses me. Who was this guy? Seriously... I had been in class with him an entire term and had heard him talk maybe a total of 3 times. Heck, I even thought he was my age (21 at the time) or maybe even a year or two younger (baby face)... not 9 years older! Anyway, that one night sparked a great friendship. We spent the next year talking about people we had crushes on, discussing our life struggles, sharing our funny stories and cheering one another on along the way. Eventually our texts and Myspace messaging turned into hours spent on the phone each night. We were hanging out a lot more. One night we decided to go to dinner and listen to some live music in Portland... not unusual for us, but definitely a different feeling than friends. We decided around 2 in the morning on November 9, 2006 to give a relationship a chance... and here we are today. Married with a beautiful little girl... and a cat and fish. My big city, North Face wearing, Honda driving, Rap/Rock listening boy was definitely not what I had planned for... but I'm so glad he walked across that kitchen 8 years ago and into my life. Here's to 7 years as a couple!!!

He stayed up over 48 hours when we had Amelia. My labor was 38 hours and he wanted to be by my side the entire time. Such a wonderful man! This pictures was taken at the hospital.

 Our wedding day - August 6, 2011

Us - October 2013
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Congrats on 7 years! Brian and I will be hitting 5 years in March!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Ashley. We've been through a lot in the past 7 years but I think it's only made us stronger. I'm a lucky lady.

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