Recap of last week

I am so excited that it is officially fall! My pumpkin candle is burning, a cup of hot tea is brewing, I've got slippers on my feet and I'm wearing a cozy sweater. In true Oregon fashion, we've been seeing a ton of rain this past week. I love sitting in my cozy house listening to it pour.

This last weekend Amelia and I drove my mom back to her home in Colville, Washington. We've been making trips up there quite frequently, but that was our last trip for a little while. We left early enough Friday so that we could stop at Hobby Lobby on our way up to her house. I absolutely love that store. After three hours in there, and lots of cash spent, I got a good amount of craft supplies to keep me busy for a while. Amelia and I headed back Sunday and it was one of the most beautiful drives in the Gorge.

So pretty!
I feel like I need to have a little more organization in my life. This next week I plan on organizing the craft room, cleaning out closets and dressers, meal planning and getting the house as clean as possible. With Christmas less than 100 days away I want to start off the season with a home that functions well for all of our crafting projects. Amelia and I have a list a mile long of gifts to make and I will not allow myself to procrastinate as I did last year... and really every other year :)

The little kiddos I've been watching have kept me on my toes lately. We took advantage of the last few days of hot sunny weather and played in the front yard a lot; digging in the dirt, running in the sprinkler and making 'mud soup'.
 I love these two photos I snapped of the boys... and yes, at one point I had a bucket on my head too. 
True boy fashion... digging in the dirt. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. I wanted to reply your lovely comment on my blog but you were a no reply blogger :( so heya!!
    Your boys are so cute. I am so excited for fall but right now , I am living a summer dream !

    1. Thanks for the comment. I thought I had fixed the 'no reply' issue, but I guess I hadn't. Thanks for letting me know, I got it fixed now. I do daycare so those boys are little ones I watch. I only have one little 4 year old girl. Fall is my favorite! I guess it's good I live in Oregon, we get a lot of rain and cool weather, which I love.