High Five For Friday

A little late in the day... but here is my High Five For Friday post. Coming to you from the beautiful Colville, Washington and linking up with Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth.

1. This week we celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday. She is the most remarkable woman and truly a person to look up to. Picture courtesy of my little sister Grace.

2. Yesterday mom, Amelia and I headed up to Colville. Amelia had her first ballet class of the new term so we got a bit of a late start. The entire trip we had the most impressive lightning show I have ever seen. It was awesome in Oregon, but incredible up in Washington as we got closer to my mom's house. We stopped a few times to get some shots of it. We made it up to mom's at 2:45am... a small price to pay for some awesome lightning shots.

3. Colville is definitely heading in to fall a little faster than we are in Oregon. Fall is my favorite season of the year so I was beyond excited to see the gorgeous oranges, yellows and reds that covered the trees.

4. On our outing today I saw a sign for a waterfall... so of course I had to check it out. This isn't too far from my mom's house. What a pretty little falls.

5. Mom took Amelia and I to lunch at this cute little lodge called 'Beaver Lodge' which sits on Thomas Lake. Gorgeous view to look at while eating some yummy lunch.

Well we are here until Sunday morning. Hopefully we will get to head out again tomorrow to see something new. Have a great weekend all!

Ashley Elizabeth

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