I'm ready for Fall

We've been enjoying these past few cool and sunny days. I am ready for Fall to be here. The kids and I have been having a lot of fun lately. Yesterday we enjoyed a walk up on the McLoughlin Promenade by our house. It really is a great view from up there. I snapped a few shots of Amelia that just give me a Fall feeling.

 Of course she always gives me a silly one :) 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. So CUTE I love the photos and the effects! Good photography. I love Fall and I am ready too, I am so over the humidity. If Fall would stick around and replace winter that would be fine with me. These Canadian winters can get pretty bad.


    1. We don't get horrible winters here in Oregon, just a lot of rain. I live in the valley so we never really see snow. I wish we did. Fall is my favorite though.