Friend Making Monday - This or That?

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This or That?

1.  Meat and potatoes or pasta?  I'm not a huge meat and potatoes fan, or pasta. I mean... I love both but we really don't eat either regularly. We are chicken and rice people... and I know chicken is meat, but I think of 'meat and potatoes' as a beefy stew kind of a thing. 

2.  Do you prefer Apple or Android?  I started out my journey into the Smartphone world as an Android user. I loved all of the phones I had, but I really wanted to make the switch to Apple. My husband bought me the iPhone5 for my birthday in May and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Now if I could only convince him to switch to a Mac from our Dell
3.  Do you kiss and tell, or do you keep it private?  I think I've been both in my life. I tell my friend Molly everything for the most part... but the whole 'kiss and tell' thing would probably be a boring subject now since I've been with my husband for 7 years. Although if I were single and running around kissing boys... she'd be the person I tell. 
4. If you had to choose one, would you choose Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook. I have Twitter but have never really used it much. My family and friends are all on Facebook and I would miss keeping up on their lives. 
5.  Christmas or Valentine’s Day?  Christmas! I love Christmas time. I love buying and making presents for others, and then watching them open what I've given them. I love getting dressed up and going to Christmas Eve mass... and now that I'm a Mama, I love watching my daughter Amelia experience Christmas. 
6.  If you joined a band, would you prefer to do vocals or play an instrument?  I'd play guitar or drums. I can play the guitar in a very amateur fashion, but I've always wanted to play drums. I can't sing to save my life so an instrument would be my best bet at success. Maybe I should just go for the cowbell! 
7.  Hot weather or cold weather?  Cool, crisp fall weather is my favorite. Lately we've had tons of stormy weather and I love staying bundled up inside, listening to the pouring rain, but I do like going for a morning walk on a dry fall day. 
8.  Calorie counting or tracking points?  I've done both and just have a hard time sticking to anything. 
9.  Yoga or kickboxing?  Is Zumba an option? I haven't done yoga or kickboxing but I love Zumba. 
10.  East Coast or West Coast?  I live on the West Coast but really really want to explore the East coast. I keep dreaming of a trip to the other Portland... Portland, Maine where my best friend lives. Maybe I will get over there before she moves home. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Portland, Maine and Maine in general is an awesome place to vacation! I went on a bonding trip up there with my Mom a few years ago and we had a blast. And I have my Mom's guitar, but I haven't really taken the time to learn yet. I'd love to do that someday!