Reunited with my BFF

Today was a wonderful day... my best friend Molly was in town from Portland, Maine and I was beyond excited to see her. We decided to meet up at my house and then head to a local park for a picnic/tea party. Her sister Amanda and niece Violet joined us, and I'm so glad they did. We spent a while visiting at my house while the girls played up in Amelia's room, then we headed up the hill to the park. Tea, cupcakes, cookies, fruit, guacamole & chips, hummus and orzo salad... it was a great little afternoon picnic.

Molly and I have known each other since we were three years old. We met in Sunday School and have been friends for all these years. In high school we were tennis partners and did a lot of youth group stuff together, which really solidified our friendship. When it was time to go away to school, Molly and I just had to be roommates! I can't think of any other friend that I could have lived with and had that much fun with. I love that we can only see one another once a year, but we pick up each time right where we left off... as if we hang out all the time! So many of my most favorite memories include Molly. I just can't wait until the day comes when she moves back!

 This is Amanda's daughter, the beautiful Violet. She is such a doll!

 the little ladies


Cute girls!

After our afternoon with the ladies, Amelia and I headed home and she went down for a rest. I watched a couple of episodes of Parenthood... I love that show! Tonight I cleaned the house up so that it is once again squeaky clean and then I let Amelia color on the windows with window markers. 

 I bought these window markers a while back and had completely forgot about them... until I cleaned out the disaster craft room.

 She was excited to get started.

 Very intense window coloring... and yes, that is Mark asleep on the couch AGAIN. I know it appears that he is always asleep, and often times he is, but he had to work this weekend and gets up at 3:30am. I don't blame his constant need to crash on the couch.

 My sunflowers are still so beautiful! One bunch reached a little over 12 feet. I can't believe how large they got. I will definitely grow these again next year. 

I love these!!!

Tomorrow I think I am going to try getting a Halloween skirt sewn for Amelia. I really want to learn how to sew. I'm not great at all but want to so badly that I have bought tons of fabric and patterns. Maybe taking a class is what I need once I'm done at work. Oh, and I got a couple more things up on my etsy site, but it is nowhere near where it was last year. I need to get my craft on a lot more. If interested, you can find my shop here. I hope you are all having a great weekend!
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. best friend time is the best!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much, you have a great week as well! Did you find my blog on FMGD? or elsewhere? I'm just always curious to see how people find it.