Canning and such

I must say, this weekend turned in to a pretty wonderful one. Mark and I neither one had made plans, which was a nice change of pace, so we just did whatever we wanted!!! Friday night we went over to my Grandma's house. My cousins and Aunt were in town and it had been a while since I had seen them. It was a great visit, even if it was too short! Yesterday I slept in and was lounging around when my friend Heather sent me a text asking if I wanted to go apple picking. I of course jumped at the opportunity to 1. hang out with my dear friend and 2. get apples to can some homemade applesauce. It was a beautiful day out, not too hot and not too cool. We headed to a farm on the outskirts of Canby and it was a blast. We didn't get a ton, but it will be enough for me to have a load of applesauce to can! Yummy. The girls had a great time and Amelia just loves her friend Carly! I can't wait to plan a girls day with those ladies.

I spent last night in my craft room... I am addicted to crafting. I'm trying to get stuff back up on my etsy site. It has been closed for some time since I just didn't have the time to keep it up, but now I'm back and looking forward to getting items up there. An amazing craft room really helps get the creative juices flowin.

Today I decided that I wanted to go u-pick some tomatoes. Growing up I hated canned tomatoes but now I love everything I can do with them. I'm hoping to get a jump on canning next year and fill up our pantry with home canned goods. For the tomatoes we ended up at a farm on the outskirts of Oregon City. They had TONS of tomatoes and it was a blast going with Mark and Amelia. When I was younger we did a lot of u-picking and my mom always canned. I never really appreciated all of the work she put into it back in the day, but I'm so glad to have grown up with home canned foods. Mark had never been u-picking before and he has never done any canning so this is quite a fun adventure for us.

We picked 80 pounds of tomatoes today to can!!!

 The newest addition to our family (in Amelia's hair) named Critter

I hope they turn out!

Here are some pictures from our apple picking trip on Saturday! Boy oh boy do I love fall!!!

 Carly and Amelia... great little friends

 adorable Carly

 the little ladies that helped us pick apples

 Beautiful Emma

 my lady


 they are so darn cute!

So two weeks ago yesterday I had set two goals for myself. 1. to lose 5 pounds and 2. to clean my bedroom. Well I cleaned EVERY room in the house so I can definitely check that one off my list. I haven't finished the decorating part of my bedroom so once it is done I will put up a before and after picture of it. I didn't weight myself this morning but I was pretty close to 5 pounds the other day so I'm hoping I reached that goal. Now to make goals for the next two weeks...

1. Go on a date with my husband. We rarely go out together, just the two of us, and right now I think we need to take a break from our busy life and just go out for an evening, reconnect and spend some time together.

2. Track everything I eat on Sparkpeople... the good and the bad! 

I hope next weekend is as great as this one! Oh and if you are interested, my etsy site is back up. It is a work in progress and I really only have a few things up but please check it out. I plan on getting a lot more up in the next few months (some new crafty things as well, not just the normal hair clips and such). 
Ashley Elizabeth

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