My August Foodie Pen Pal

My August foodie package came from the wonderful Ashley in Arizona! I am so excited to try some of the foods she sent me. Since I haven't been home a lot lately, I haven't had a chance to try much yet. 

 My August package!

 I was so excited when I saw this. I have never had Prickly Pear Marmalade but have always wondered what it tasted like. 

 These little peanut candies are quite tasty. I did open this package and try one when I first got my mail. 

 Looking forward to trying these juice mixes

 Peanut Crunch

Amelia has eaten some of these and said they were "Yummy"

I must hit the sheets now. We are taking Amelia to the zoo for the first time ever tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!!!! My family hasn't done anything like this together in years. My parents, sisters, husband, Amelia and I will all be going. I am just giddy with excitement and can't wait to blog about it. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. The peanut crunch looks really good! I hope the zoo was fun--the pictures turned out really cute!!

    1. I have yet to try it... maybe I will go do that right now :) The zoo was fantastic! The perfect first trip for our little one.