A Trip to the Zoo!

Sunday we were able to make it to the zoo with my family. I was so excited, it is rare that we all have a day free at the same time. Amelia was in heaven with all of us going on the adventure with her; Grandma, Pappy, Auntie Erica, Auntie Gracie, Mama and Daddy with all of our attention focused on her. We decided to get there early in hopes of avoiding the crowds, and that was a great plan. Below are some pictures from our day. Oh and one of the highlights from the day... my dad got hit in the forehead by a giant bird during the birds of prey performance. 

Amelia with Grandma Tami and Pappy

 Amelia and Gracie walking through the log

 My Parents

 Amelia and her Grandma!

 Back off ladies, he's all mine!!!

 Cute little guy

 Haha, this was taken shortly before dad got hit in the forehead by a giant bird

 Amelia got to give the bird money for his bank


 She loved the bats


Amelia with her Auntie Erica and Grandma

Ashley Elizabeth

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