A crafty transformation

 So this picture above is of our spare bedroom. I must first say that it doesn't always look like this. I had intended to take before pictures of the room since I was going to be giving it a drastic transformation but I had started pulling things out of closets and stacking things in piles before I remembered to snap a photo. This room hasn't ever had organization. Mark had taken up one of the downstairs bedrooms and set it up as a treatment room so everything else had to be crammed into this room. Since he is now practicing at a clinic in Beaverton... I get BOTH bedrooms!

Here is the other side of the room. It was jam packed with junk. Again, this is picture that was taken mid way through my stacking and thrashing.

My dad's friend was selling her entertainment center that included two bookshelves. It was a great deal and I needed the storage space so of course I nabbed it.
This is what my new furniture looks like. I am missing a second bookshelf in this picture (like the one on the right).

Amelia and I worked our bums off Friday night, staying up until 1:30am. When we finally hit the sheets we were exhausted and had so much work left to do. Saturday we spent every spare moment in that room. Amelia is a really great helper, I never even have to ask. I'm quite certain she's a little OCD. The room would have been completed on Sunday but I took a nasty hard tumble down our stairs (7+stairs that I fell down) and was laid up for three days. I hit everything and am still so incredibly sore; swollen knees, horrible headache and a tweaked back and ribs. I am excited to say that tonight Amelia and I finished our arts, crafts and FUN room! Now for picture overload... I'm just so excited I have a whole room dedicated to being crafty!


 A chair for Amelia and I

 This piece holds all of my cricut machines, sewing machine and plastic tubs of ribbon galore

 Amelia had to bring her easel down... after all this is OUR craft room :)

 Amelia helped me put things on the shelves

 The bottom shelf was Amelia's to decorate

 Amelia picked these flowers for our room... thank goodness I just bought a few vases that they fit perfectly in.

This shelf is packed full of chalk paint, hair bow hardware, buttons, beads, jewelry and a picture from our wedding day.

I can't wait to get crafty in there. I've got a sewing project to get working on, but I think it will have to wait until the guest bedroom is finished. I can't stop while I'm on a mega cleaning, organizing and decorating kick. Good night all!
Ashley Elizabeth

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