High Five For Friday!!!

It's High Five for Friday Time!!! I've been a little absent lately but that is all about to change. Below is my Friday post, linking up with Laren at From My Grey Desk

1. Even though I was not thrilled about working 8-7 three days this week, I was glad that I got to see some incredible sunsets on my drive home!

2. Fall is here!!! I love the cool brisk air, the changing leaves, apple cider, comfy sweaters, Ugg boots, pretty colors... and pretty much everything else about fall! This is the fall wreath I made a couple of years ago. I love being able to dig it out.

3. Thursday Amelia and I were headed out the door, about 10 minutes earlier than normal, when I slammed the door I realized that I didn't have my keys. Our house was locked, my car was locked... so Amelia and I made the most of our time out in the chilly morning weather while we waited for Mark. We took silly pictures and made up silly jokes. It was a fun memory.

4. I was so very excited this week!!! My most favorite show started up again!

5. This is probably my most favorite moment of the week! And possibly the year. Since Amelia was born I have prayed that some day I would be able to be a stay at home Mama. I grew up with an amazing stay at home mom and I think my sisters and I benefited from it immensely. I wanted to be that Mama for my daughter. After talking and talking... and talking... Mark and I came to the conclusion that this is a dream that we could make a reality. Tuesday afternoon I went in and gave my notice with the Oregon Department of Forestry. 7 fire seasons and 6 years as a permanent employee... ODF has been a great place to work. I have built wonderful relationships that I will keep for the rest of my life, but at this point in my life, leaving to be home with my family is what is most important. October 25th will be my first day as a stay at home Mama! and I couldn't be happier!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have a date lined up for tomorrow with my bestest best  friend in the entire world, Molly. Molly lives in the other Portland... Portland Maine! We've been friends since we were 3 and I would die without her! 

Ashley Elizabeth

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