High Five for Friday!

This week was a total whirlwind. It seems that once I put my final notice in my workload tripled. There are so many things I want to get done prior to leaving and I've been going non-stop. Here is my High Five for Friday post!!!

1. Making silly faces with my girl! We love goofing off and then laughing at our ridiculous pictures. I was told I just had to stick my tongue out! Love this girl!!!

 2. Amelia decided she wanted to make herself a blueberry smoothie the other night for dinner. She did it all by herself. Blueberries, Banana and Mango

 3. Amelia picked me some new flowers for our craft room! They are so beautiful. I'm glad we decided to grow some flower mixes this year.

 4. Yay for having a space to color! Amelia and I were able to get in some coloring time three evenings this week!

5. My little treat while sitting here blogging to you all. A nice hot cup of black tea with nectarines! 

One more major highlight from this week... I love to decorate my porch for fall. Usually I do a hay bale with some pumpkins, corn stalks and a scarecrow. My sister Grace picked up a bale for me this week and I got a few pumpkins but I was missing the corn stalks. So I had gotten Chinese food for lunch one day but I was literally interrupted all but 5 minutes of my lunch. I had set it aside and wasn't planning on finishing it. My bestest buddy walked in and asked if I was going to finish  my lunch, I of course replied with "do you have corn stalks" and he said he did. I told him I would trade him my half eaten lunch, that I had intended on throwing away, for his corn stalks... and he agreed!!! I will have to post pictures once my porch is beautified!!! Happy fall everyone! I am ready for some fall weather, bring on the sweaters and Uggs.

Ashley Elizabeth

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