A Saturday at home

Mark works this weekend so it was just Amelia and I for half of the day. We slept in until 9:00am and then lounged about playing and snuggling. I decided to have an avocado and tomato sandwich for brunch. I picked the tomato from our garden and made the most delicious sandwich.

My yummy breakfast: a tomato and avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread, nectarines and black tea. 

It has been a while since I've been on track with everything. I feel permanently stressed and I know that is the main cause of my inability to focus on taking care of myself. I want to give myself some goals. I was thinking weekly, but with as busy as my schedule is I think accomplishing three goals every two weeks works best for my life. If I find myself accomplishing these early on then I might change my mind. So, here are my goals...

1. Lose 5 pounds
2. Clean, organize and decorate our bedroom (picture below of the disaster it has become)
3. Do one large craft project with Amelia

I think it will be easy to lose the 5 pounds since I've been so off track. All I need to do is be diligent with my calorie counting. I am really looking forward to cleaning my room. It is a complete disaster. Right now it is just used as a place to crash and throw my clothes around. I would like to turn it into a comfortable cute room where I want to escape and read a book, or write. I already have the craft project in mind for Amelia to do... but we can't post it until it is completed and gifted to two very amazing grandparents. 

Okay so on to the picture of my disaster... I'm quite embarrassed to post this picture, but hey... I'm a working mom in the midst of fire season where I'm working over time every week and barely home enough to spend time with my family. So yeah, our room has turned into a nightmare. I'm really bad about throwing clothes all over really quickly in the morning before running out the door. Look for a follow up picture soon of what I've done to the room. Perhaps it will be as wonderful a transformation as Amelia's room when you couldn't even see the floor.

It's a wonder I can find anything in this room. Hahaha. 

Tomorrow Amelia and I will be heading out early to get a few home decor pieces for the house. I really want a floor lamp and some items to go on my dresser and nightstand. Hopefully we find some good stuff. After that we will be back home cleaning and crafting for fall. I love fall so much; sweaters, boots, heavy blankets, colorful leaves, pumpkins etc. 

On more picture for you all. As I am sitting here this very minute, Amelia has made herself a bed since I am busy blogging. Since we normally snuggle at night on the weekends I assume this is her hinting around to me that she is ready for me to get off of the computer. So... good night all.

Ashley Elizabeth

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