My tardy high five for Friday post!

I know I'm slightly late on my high five for Friday post, but I have a good excuse. My Aunt Pam, Cousins Robert and Kristi, along with Kristi's two kids were in town for the night. I just had to go see them!!!! and we just got home. So, here is my H54F post...

1. My friend and co-worker Cindy was so sweet and brought me flowers to work. I took a nasty fall down our stairs on Sunday and was home from work for two days. I came back to this beautiful bunch of flowers.

2. I love when Rudy sleeps like this... it is adorable!

 3. My little ballerina visiting me at work. Her daddy brings her by so that I can put her hair up in a bun (they require that their hair is in a bun if long enough). Cutest bun ever!

4. Fall weather is so close!!! I love when summer turns to fall. The colors of the season are beautiful and I love bundling up in sweaters and Uggs. This is Amelia's new coat!

5. COUSINS!!! Amelia with my cousin Kristi's adorable 4 year old K'lynn. These two girls got along great and played so well together. I wish we all lived closer so that regular hang out sessions could happen.

I have absolutely NOTHING planned for this weekend and I am SO happy about it. I think I am going to have a massive craft fest!
Ashley Elizabeth

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