My little family weekend getaway

This weekend we decided to head out of town on a little camping trip. It was sort of a last minute trip, but it was definitely worth the frazzled prep to spend a few days away. We absolutely love Tollbridge Campground just outside of Parkdale, Oregon. It is quiet and well maintained... and the best part are that they have showers. I have camped plenty of times the old 'roughing it' way and I much prefer this campground. We headed out Friday afternoon and got one of the last two spots available. We set up camp, made dinner and hung out around the campfire.

I love this picture of Mark trying to jam our queen size air mattress into our tent. It really does fit, it just doesn't look like it does here. 

 Our little camper. Amelia is an awesome traveler. She is up for any adventure.

 Just hanging out in a field near our campsite

 waking up after a chilly night in our tent 

 Amelia picked some flowers for our picnic table. 

 I am a major fan of the Hood River area so we often head that direction. Packer's is a fruit stand we always stop at when we are in the area. We enjoyed a little ice cream in the nice sunny weather.

 We stumbled upon Lawrence Lake when we were driving around. It is a huge lake and quite pretty, but I'm certain I would never camp there. It was packed with trailers and tents all over... and a line a mile long for the nasty hole in the ground bathroom. 

 Just some pretty scenery

 Mark made a mean fire the second night we were there

 Amelia and I take pictures of ourselves when we are bored. She thinks it's super fun. This is one of the few 'not so silly' pictures

 my everything

When I was younger I remember my parents taking my sisters and I to Little Crater Lake. I remembered that it was incredibly beautiful, clear and blue but I hadn't been back since then. I really wanted to stop on our way home so we made a little detour to check it out. Just as I had remembered... pretty amazing. The small lake is 45 feet deep and as clear as can be. You can toss a rock in and watch it fall all the way to the bottom. The water is 34 degrees chilly and as bright blue as I had recalled. 

 I'm so glad we stopped

On our way home

I love camping and can't wait to head up there again for our family reunion/my Grandma's 90th birthday party at the end of the month. Maybe we will find some new sights to see. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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