Bend Recap

I finally have a few moments this morning to share a little recap of our Bend trip with you all. We headed there on Sunday the 11th with Mark's family and stayed until the 15th. It was a lot of fun and the house we rented in Sunriver was beautiful.
 Mark, his mom Kathie, our nephew Eli, Amelia and I spent one day exploring. This is a Paulina Falls. The falls are very beautiful.
 We hiked into a volcano. It was beautiful. The entire thing was obsidian and it looked like glass all over the ground. 
 Tumalo Falls in Bend is gorgeous! I'm so glad we stopped there
 We saw some wonderful sunsets

 Mark, Amelia and I took a day and went to Crater Lake. It was so smoky due to the wildfires burning nearby, but the lake was still beautiful. I really want to go back when the sky is clear. 
 Amelia made some friends and shared her crackers with them. 
so cool!
 Kathie with her boys
 The family
The cousins

It was a great trip and I'm so glad we were able to go this summer. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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