Kitty Pajamas

Tomorrow we are leaving for Bend with Mark's family and staying until Thursday. I am looking forward to spending more time with all of them. Mark's older brother and his family are here from Florida and I really haven't gotten to know them like I know his family here, so I'm excited that we are able to go on the trip this year. Last year I had to work and wasn't able to take time off due to fire season.

I had promised Amelia that I would make her pajama pants for the trip. I had totally spaced it, but those of you who have a 4 year old know that they rarely forget when something is promised to them. Instead of packing this evening I finished up some adorable pants for her... because I love her to the moon and back and can survive on very little sleep. I also had the idea to let her turn one of her white t-shirts into a matching jammie shirt because it had a small stain on it. Here are a few pictures of our finished product. She can't wait to wear them tomorrow night.

I absolutely LOVE this shirt. She made it all by herself and I'm definitely NEVER getting rid of this. (she added a second heart to it after I took this)

This is the print I used for the pajama pants

 and the final product (sorry for the poor picture quality. the lighting in our living room isn't the greatest right now)
Showing off her shirt

Ashley Elizabeth


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    1. Thank you so much. The shirt is just so adorable! She said the kitties are her and I.... talk about melting a Mama's heart.