Weekend Fun

I love lazy weekends, and we've had just that so far. Yes, I have a "to do" list a mile long, but sometimes you just need to play in the kid pool, have game night and relax with the family.

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Now onto our weekend. Like I said, it's been pretty relaxing. Friday night we decided to have a fire in the new pit that Mark made. We listened to music and roasted marshmallows. It was fun. Amelia and I shared such a sweet moment when I was putting her to bed. She wanted me to lay with her so I hopped in her twin bed with her, and using a giant pink tutu wearing stuffed pony as a pillow, we laughed until it hurt. I'm not even sure what we were laughing about. We just couldn't stop. She's been sleeping so well in her new room. Most nights all I have to do is tuck her in, give a kiss and shut the door. 

Unfortunately I had the worst time sleeping that night and ended up dozing off around 6am Saturday morning, only to be woken up around 9 by my sweet girl. Yesterday we drove into Oregon City to visit Amelia's favorite park. It's not a heavily used park and it has a great view of the river... definitely a great place to play. 

We grabbed dinner in Milwaukie after at my favorite Thai place, Buathong. If you live in the area, love Thai food and haven't been here yet... go! It's delicious. I told Mark that when we decide to try and get pregnant with baby #2 I hope my pregnancy craving is Buathong. I could eat there all the time! After a yummy dinner we headed home to play outside. We have pretty much used our pool every day since my mom got it for us. I set it up near the deck and Amelia has had fun running and jumping in. 

Amelia had a hair appointment this morning to get a trim. She's only had one other haircut in her life. I like to keep it long, but the ends were in bad shape. She took a few inches off and it looks much healthier. I think I will have it cut a little more frequently (maybe twice a year) to help keep it healthy so we don't have to cut so much off at a time. 
after... it was windy
I hope you are ell enjoying your weekend. I plan on spending the rest of today cleaning up our rooms and trying to finally get our stuff completely unpacked. I have high hopes of accomplishing a lot of stuff this next week; sewing, crafting, blogging, posting for the shop and sorting through stuff for our garage sale. Fingers crossed I can get it all done. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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