Styling Straight & Fine Hair

I am by no means a fashion/beauty blogger and I have no desire to be one. I will save that job for the ladies who don't find themselves in yoga pants at noon. The ones whose sleeves aren't used as napkins, whose socks aren't mismatched (because I had help with laundry), the ones without tiny fingerprint stains on their shirts or those who don't have nail polish all over their fingers (again because I had help doing my nails). I do, however, love shopping, hair products and make up. I have ultra fine hair. I'm that girl who dreams of beautiful long thick hair like my sisters have... bitches. Seriously, can't I just take a quarter of their hair and add it to mine? Ugh. Mini rant over, moving on. I have had to learn how to use products that add volume without weighing my hair down, figure out which haircuts work for me, and which don't and how to style my hair so that it won't fall and look like I bathed in grease. So here are a few of my tips for dealing with fine hair. And no, I'm not a professional hair stylist... just a girl that was birthed with less than ideal hair.

First, if you have hair like I do then I must say that I strongly believe in coloring your hair. I can always tell when I am due for some color when my hair starts getting flat and being difficult to style. I was going to add a photo of my hairstylist up above, but I'm not sure she would have appreciated that, haha. Seriously though, having my hair colored adds tons of volume and decreases the amount of time I have to put into making my mop presentable. 

My typical hair routine is as follows...

*Wash with a sulfate free shampoo. I use the Organix shampoo and like that I can find it at most stores. I have tried different Organix shampoos and they have all been great. I only condition my hair once every week or two, with the same brand. I notice if I condition too much then my hair doesn't style as nicely. 

*After my shower I comb my hair and apply Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus to my roots. I probably hold the bottle too close to my head, but that's what works for me. 

*If I plan on curling my hair, or plan on going out, I add LivingProof Prime Style Extender. I love this stuff. The style extender really works if you want your hair to maintain shape and curls all day. Just add some to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and put it through your hair. I stay away from my roots with this stuff and focus just on where my curling iron is going to hit. 

*Next I dry my hair upside down using a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. I don't flip my head back over until my hair is completely dry. This really helps add volume. Also, while I'm drying it I brush it with a brush similar to the one above. 

*No matter how I plan on styling my hair, I use a teasing comb. It's my best friend and I tease the crap out of my hair. 

*I use a 1 inch barrel curling iron on my hair. Click HERE for the single barrel curling iron I use. If I want full wavy hair then I use a three barrel curling iron. Click HERE for the three barrel curling iron I use. 

*After I'm done styling, either straight or curly, I spray with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play

And that's it. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. It's nice to find some new goodies for fine hair!

    My daughter has the thickest, most gorgeous hair - it's disgusting. She clearly got that from her dad's side since noone on my side has hair like hers! And she complains about it. Pppft. Want to trade?

  2. I wish they could to hair grafting procedure. Seriously, I'm a man, I don't NEED body in my hair. I'm just happy that I HAVE hair...however...the thick of it, I could do without. Especially in summer.

    You can have it, if science prevails a way to do that.