How to get rid of fruit flies

This is the time of year when our house usually ends up being invaded by those pesky fruit flies. I hate them. Thankfully a few years ago Mark and I, after doing a quick Google search, found a lot of helpful tips for getting rid of them. We tried a few and this is by far the best one ever. You can seriously get rid of dozens of fruit flies in an afternoon with this solution. There are several variations to this, but what we do seems to be the easiest and quickest method. And what I like best about it, there's no need to cut bottles and make strange containers for them to get trapped in. An unsealed dish does the trick. Simple.

Fill a small dish with apple cider vinegar. Add a couple of drops of dish soap. Stir together and let it work it's magic. If you are having a particularly bad fruit fly day, placing more than one dish around the kitchen will speed up the process. The fruit flies are attracted to the smell of the apple cider vinegar and the soap ensures that they get sucked into the dish. Hopefully this helps you out this summer.
Ashley Elizabeth

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