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It's no secret that my life has been full of chaos lately. This week is the first time I've caught my breath. We had a fabulous Independence Day weekend with family, but now the unpacking and getting settled in begins. While I haven't been on here blogging a lot lately, I've been capturing some of the moments we've had lately. Here is our life lately... the photo edition.
Amelia is growing some tomato plants at our new house. 
I blew this entire thing up with my mouth... her smile made the headache worth it. We love having a backyard to play in.
This is my sister's dog. He loves that I stay at home all day. It means he gets to run around and play
my sisters and I all live in the same town again and we enjoy it immensely 
Our 4th of July was wonderful. The town we live in goes all out for the holiday weekend. A buckeroo that lasts 4 days with a huge firework display after each evening performance, a big parade, a town pancake feed and a carnival. We had a party at our house and my Grandma Grace and some of my cousins came out for the festivities.
We were in the parade to promote Mark's business. It was fun. 
the dress my mom made Amelia
my mom, my grandma and Amelia at the rodeo

I have a photo just like this of her after the rodeo last year
a little grainy... but these two are the cutest best friends ever! Hanging at the rodeo
just some fireworks
that man I love
Amelia started her second ballet camp of the summer this week. She is taking a Pixie Hollow Irish dance camp and so far she loves it. We went and picked out the perfect fairy costume for it and she looks absolutely darling. What's funny is that I knew exactly which one she would want the second we walked into the dance store.
the costumes she picked out to try on

the winner
My favorite kind of moments
I have so much that I want to accomplish this week and hope I can figure out some sort of routine to get myself into. Between blogging, maintaining my Etsy shop and clothing boutique, trying to launch a photography business and spending time with Amelia, this stay at home mommy will be busy. I can't wait to share some of the adventures Amelia and I have planned. Also, blog about the rest of our east coast trip. I'm excited for where my life is right now and the direction it is headed. My girl starts kindergarten in two months and I'm determined to make the most of our time at home before. 

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
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How did your family celebrate the 4th of July?

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Lots of fun moments!! Love your new backyard and Amelia's pool!! Hope you get settled into your new place pretty quickly. I'm anxious to do the same. I bet you're thrilled to live in the same town as your sisters. I think it would be so fun to live close to family :)