Sunny Saturday

Today was a great day. I absolutely love fun filled summer days. This morning Amelia and I woke up early and got ready to go to the Washington County fair with my sister. Erica's schedule is so packed and it has been hard for us to find time to hang out with her, so I'm glad she spent her free morning with us. We got to the fair early enough that we didn't have to spend most of our time in the sweltering sun... we were leaving around the heat of the day. I love going to county fairs. It's fun to wander and look at all of the animals. I could really care less about all of the vendors, I just like seeing the things people make (to enter in the fair), the photography and the animals. Amelia loves the animals so much and really only cared about seeing them. She's also not a fan of rides. Well, she's scared of rides, but always wants to go on one. This year she wanted to ride the carousel.

After the fair Erica dropped Amelia and I off at home. We couldn't decide what to do so we headed up outside of town and picked blackberries. It was a ton of fun. I gave her a little rule two for the bowl, one for your mouth. More often than not it was three for her mouth and then three more for her mouth. We had fun and picked plenty of berries for me to make a blackberry crisp tomorrow. 

The funniest part of picking blackberries was that Amelia had to go to the bathroom really bad in the middle of it. As we usually do when we are in the woods, she pulled down her pants and was ready to go on the side of the road (don't worry... the road has no traffic). Just as I told her to step forward one more step (she was leaning on something), she couldn't wait and peed all over her pants. Thankfully the panties were spared. So, my child picked blackberries in nothing but panties, a tank top and tennis shoes. I of course snapped a photo for her to have when she's older. Oh and here was the sunset we saw on our way home. Gorgeous.

We finished off our night with lots of stories. Erica bought her some Fancy Nancy books last night and she's really been enjoying them. 

I'm hoping tomorrow is as great as today was. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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